Bryan Vaughn, Director of Safety and Transportation for LCSD, has been leading our Safety efforts since 1993. We were one of the first school districts in the state of SC to establish such a position and the move was so progressive at the time that Bryan was invited to appear before the State Legislature for a question and answer session. He and his team have been keeping us safe ever since.

Safety in the district continues to advance for 2018-2019. All middle and high schools have certified police officers on duty. We also provide security at basketball and football games as well as summer school and at-risk camps held during the summer months. All school entrances are now secured (including the office areas) and controlled by school staff. New interior classroom doors are currently being replaced with certified security doors –your bond money at work. These doors are controlled day-to-day by the classroom teachers. The district requires that these doors be closed at all times for the best protection. However, in the event of a school lock-down someone on staff can remotely lock all doors in the building at the same time for maximum protection.

Over 1,000 cameras have been installed across campuses in our district. School buses are also equipped with four camera/audio systems to protect students. Most of our schools now have systems to monitor access and track door usage. We can also program ID badges for limited time of day entries and specific area entries. We have a new visitor management system. We are using a web-based system whereby your license is scanned into a kiosk to check against the national sexual offender database. The scan is real-time, and the system can be used for large events as well.

We also purchased handheld metal detectors and more full size units this year to add to the full size units we were already using.

Training is vital, so we hold four intruder drills per year (the State only requires two.) We conduct fire drills monthly, two tornado drills per year, one earthquake drill per year and two bus evacuation drills per year.

We conduct ALICE (Alert/Lock-down/Inform/Counter/Evacuate – used for active shooter situations) training for all teachers and staff as well for students in grades 6-12. For more information on this group’s continued efforts, follow their page. Lancaster County School District Safety & Transportation