Janice Dabney

Lancaster County School Board District 5

Proven Experience. Dedicated Service.

I am asking for your vote on November 6, so that we can continue building on the tremendous momentum that we currently have. We are on the cusp of greatness, so let’s work together to make it happen!

Why Vote For Janice Dabney?



Provided leadership and support to the school board for over 18 years, having served as past chair and currenlty serving as the secretary of the board.


Proven success with the implementation of a $199M bond for Lancaster County which is taking our infrastructure, technology and safety to a new level.


Worked to recruit and hire the new Superintendent, Dr. Jonathan Phipps, whose district was ranked one of the top in the State.

Long time resident

Long time resident of District 5 with grandchildren currently in 3 schools in the district.


Experience, knowledge, courage, trustworthiness, talented, kind, people person, loyalty, Godly, generous, just a few of her attributes, need I go on? Please vote Janice Dabney!

Nancy Brooks

Re-elect Janice Dabney to the Lancaster County Board of Education. She has the experience and knowledge to formulate an education plan in order to prepare our students for future success.

Dr. Jacqueline S. Adams

Great woman of great integrity! Wish I was in her district to show my support.

Jennifer Langston Wright

Mrs. Janice Dabney has been a school board member for many years in Lancaster County and has done an outstanding job in that role. Additionally, as a former CEO of Springs Memorial Hospital, she is keenly aware of the specific needs of students who are preparing to compete in this community and state. She is a definite asset and treasure to the Lancaster County community. I wholeheartedly support her bid for re-election.

Bobby Bailey

Sure wish we could vote for Janice Dabney in School District 5. She has spent her life working and volunteering in our town. She has the experience and the desire to help all kids have a better future. Please cast your vote for Janice Dabney.

Libby Kirkley

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